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Apple sells 3M iPads - Toronto Dude — LiveJournal

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June 22nd, 2010

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01:12 pm - Apple sells 3M iPads

Apple announced that it has sold 3 million iPads, that is in less than 3 months since its release.

It appears that 1 million sold in the last 20 days alone because. Apple announced that in the first 60 days that it has sold 2Million. The first million took almost a month, so it appears we iPads are being sold at an accelerated rate.

Wall Street analysts predicted a sale of 2Million iPads would be sold in the first year, and we are way ahead of these estimates in quarter of that time.

CEO Steve Jobs said that the iPad will be available in 9 more countries next month.It is not clear how many of these iPad sales are international and how many are in the US.

Very interesting news and I wonder if they would be able to continue this pace, because this could mean huge profits for this fiscal year for AAPL.
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