Toronto Dude (torontodude) wrote,
Toronto Dude

Microsoft still sleeping?

In a briefing for windows phone 7, Microsoft introduced the new shiny os for the mobile devices. I kept waiting and waiting for that moment when they bring up something new.... to my major disappointment at the end, there was absolutely nothing new. If anything, they have created an OS that could potentially compete with the iPhone or Android 3 years ago, but not today, they don't even match the feature set of current versions of iPhone OS or Android.
Coming from the company that dominated the SmartPhone industry for a good part of this decade, as well as being the first visionary to create tablet PCs and thinking that they are the future of personal computing. I really don't understand the reason behind their lack of leadership or even maintaining their position and utilizing their huge resources, not to mention the army of millions of Microsoft developers out their thirsty for something new.
They even introduce some weird rules and restrictions that even Apple's AppStore does not have, like maximum of 5 apps free per developer account and I digress.
To be fair, the Microsoft people are always helpful and always say that we should speak with them if one of rules was restrictive. And in contrast to Apple, they have always been helpful from past experience. But this is no excuse for being so far behind.
Tags: mobile
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