Toronto Dude (torontodude) wrote,
Toronto Dude

Nintendo steals the E3 show?

Really? The last thing I was expecting is for Nintendo to come up with anything interesting. Having worked on game development in the past, and being a major games addict I found it really hard to play any game on the Wii, to me it was very uninspiring, the games looked bland and had nothing interesting. Their whole concept of motion controller was awesome of course, but they did not take it any further. They created a console for the masses but not for the sophisticated users, and they could have... but instead they chose to stay where they are, similar to what they did with the original Nintendo.
Sadly, the competition had no answer to them for years, and Wii kept selling more and more, now that both Sony and Microsoft have interesting ideas on how motion controlled games should be, I find it hard that Nintendo would be a popular console now.
But wait, they have something new, 3DS?
say what? while DS was good, it really did not catch on as it should have been. iPhone, iPodTouch and now iPad have made it obsolete. But now 3DS adds 3D screen to the game, makes it intreging, but I don't think this is a differentiating factor, most likely it will be copied by other manufacturers, and I hope this will push smartphone makers to have 3D screens in them.
I am very skeptical about this device, it is a shame that Nintendo does not pick up the game. Get on with it guys, the market is yours to loose.

Tags: game consoles
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