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June 30th, 2010

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06:15 pm - HST
The Ontario government is set to introduce the new harmonized tax HST. McGuinty is trying to sell the idea now as a strong medicine.
The people are obviously not trusting, seeing this as a tax grab. Problem is, part of the tax restructure is a new income tax reduction, cash handouts and business tax relief. This is not to mention the new offsetting factor in reducing the income tax for businesses, so it is really not a tax grab but rather an effort to fix a broken system (PST is tax on consumption, wrong tax)
I believe that the structure of this tax re-org is wrong, your average tax payer  don't see a clear connect between income tax reduction and harmonization, and most have not heard of the reduction in the first place.

See McGuinty? you are not doing a good job. Instead it would have been a lot easier to sell if they reduced PST by 1 or 2%, there certainly would have been less resistance, it would be permanent, and there would not be this mumbo jumbo of only 3 years tax credit, which I am sure will add overhead is subject to abuse by scam artists. Really you should give the people a simple plan, because not everyone is following your rules to the tee, and not everyone has an economy major that will understand the effect of harmonization on the economy.

And you know what, that 600K jobs number is just weird, you need to drop it.

McGuinty was never good at selling voters on things, and he still wins..... it amazes me.

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