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ipad vs notebooks - Toronto Dude — LiveJournal

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July 9th, 2010

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01:32 am - ipad vs notebooks

Tablet like iPad and few new Android based tablets are forecast to reach at least 15 million units in sales this year, then 28 million in 2011, According to Barclays analysts "We believe the initial phase of the tablet surge will cannibalize a portion of the notebook category, particularly a chunk of the netbook market and low-end notebook market,"

This however can have a significant effect on the sales of notebook, because people will naturally move to using tablets instead. The main problem however lies for Intel, since most these tablets use ARM processor instead, and the biggest loser from this is Intel. Intel seems to be trying to push into the embedded device market with the introduction of new energy efficient processors, but that is yet to be seen, since ARM seems to have locked the market a while ago.

Indeed the years ahead will be interesting. Certainly tablets are the way to go, but probably with a twist

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