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iphone4 the fiasco - Toronto Dude — LiveJournal

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July 14th, 2010

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05:31 pm - iphone4 the fiasco
What a fiasco. What started as a little problem with the antenna, became a major PR issue for the technology masters of PR. Quite frankly, I don't understand why Jobs went to this path. Bugs happen every day in our daily life, both software and hardware. Admitting you have a bug is quite simple, and the solutions to the Antenna issue are simple too. All they needed to do is offer the bumper which costs them $1 a user, or alternatively give refurbished phones that have the issue fixed.
Understandable, Jobs thought that giving the bumper means admitting the iPhone has a problem, and that can cause damage to Apple's reputation. While true, the damage is even bigger when they refuse to admit having this issue, and ask customers unreasonable things like "hold the phone differently". Then comes the software patch that will reduce the bars because they were giving false positives... well that is certainly not a solution unless you think all your customers are dumb.
The problem now is that the issue has gone out of hand, and I am not sure if Apple, the media gurus have been to this territory before. Google has it right, they give free stuff, free OS free everything, so the expectation from people is that if something is broken... hey it was free to begin with. But when paying premium for quality, you would expect quality, and if there was bugs, you would expect exceptional service to fix them.
Denying the problem is not an option.
I am sure Apple will recover, because simply, the competition has suffered PR issues on many fronts, but I hope they learn from their mistakes, although that knowing how stubborn they can be I am not sure they will... typical software engineers :)

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