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July 16th, 2010

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08:05 pm - Sorry Steve
Free bumpers at this point is not enough.... This should have been given long time ago, not after many other independent tests called for a recall. On top of that, trying to minimize the problem does not make good PR, the issue has been blown out of proportion now, so it is not a good time to issue a simple denial.
Also, what's with the free bumpers if you buy before a date? that sounds like a lame bricks sale... comon! I know you are better than that. It is tough spot to be in, but we are talking about Apple's spotless reputation here. This reputation of making flawless products can be lost for a long time, and only the fanboys will remain loyal followers. Sounds like 1995 all over again, but not due to competition although stubbornness seems to be a factor here.

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