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facebook hits 500 millions - Toronto Dude — LiveJournal

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July 22nd, 2010

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01:11 am - facebook hits 500 millions
This is an interesting story... Facebook today hit the magic 500 million users number. While it is surprising low (to me at least... I thought everyone in the world is on facebook already), it is quite interesting if you factor in, all those people with multiple accounts. So there is a big chance that the actual number is close to 400 million or even less.
The story here is that there is still 5.5 billion people who are not on facebook, could it be due to their privacy policy? or is it that they are not interested in social media period. I know for example my parents are not interested, and probably most people in their generation. But how about the tech savvy privacy conscious group? Is this www.joindiaspora.com battle to lose? I wonder.

I am actually quite excited about diaspora, because since having my account on facebook I wasn't very impressed, it is clunky at best, with privacy changes, and equally important the horrible usability, the only reason I go there is because my friends are mostly on it, so moving to another website is kinda moot, and useless. They basically have a monopoly over my friends, and most of other people's friends.

FB's interface changes all the time, for those who use it once a week or two, I really can't find how to do basic stuff there, because most likely the interface has changed, and it is really hidden deep in some illogical menu.

Let's see if diaspora has the answer, I am certainly looking forward to seeing what they have to offer. Common guys, get with the program :)

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