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July 28th, 2010

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01:30 am - Microsoft Hohm
The news about Hohm has been out for a while, but the important point is that many major players are trying to enter the home energy measurement and automation market.

Cisco announced recently their new energy controller HEC, an of course there was Google which has partnered with many hydro companies (Including Toronto hydro) to run the software for managing the usage.

I am quite impressed with the benefits of using such systems, already have the Toronto Hydro (Which I think is Google PowerMeter) and has been using it for a while. It does in fact help save energy. Unfortutely for the Toronto Hydro version, it is not real time, so it is a bit annoying, because you have to work with delayed data to adjust usage. Nevertheless it is great to have new options, I wonder if it will be subsidized by the hydro cos.

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